Dr. Tammé Shinshuri

Board Chair, CEO Office

Dr. Shinshuri is the Founder, Board Chair, and our fearless Executive Leader. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Master of Education in Instructional Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has more than twenty-five years’ experience in new media, education, instructional technology, information technology, and engineering fields.

She provides leadership and direction to grow the organization. She raises capital funds through corporate giving programs and sponsorship, donations, and product, service, and program revenue. She also develops educational programs, policies, and procedures and co-plans and coordinate human, education, and employment services.

Cristina Ledesma

Board Secretary, Delivery Division

Ms. Ledesma is the Executive Administrative Assistant. She holds certifications in notary public and Business Office Administrations. She co-plans and co-manages board meetings, coordinates and schedules all board meetings maintains corporate records, prepares corporate files and business licenses, provides notary public services, and manages special projects to support board activities and operations.

Gabriel Ory

Board Treasurer, Finance Division

Mr. Ory provides leadership and management to achieve SHINSHURI’s sales and financial goals. He is an accomplished executive in the fields of finance and administration, mergers and acquisitions, and auditing, both domestically and internationally. After graduating from McGill University with a bachelor’s in accounting, he joined the audit firm of Campbell Sharp. Gaby then spent eighteen years with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) where he served as CFO and Treasurer of the Canadian subsidiary and later, as CFO of the New York State Medicaid contract where he was responsible for $18 billion in annual Medicaid payments. During his tenure with CSC he also participated in several mergers and acquisitions including the $3 billion contract with General Dynamics.

He has served as President of Integrated Lodging Services, a start-up technology company specializing in layover management services for airlines. Gaby joined the Shinshuri Board as CFO and manages finance functions to ensure alignment across enterprise operations and corporate services.

Kimberly Green

Board Member, Enterprise Management Division

Ms. Green provides leadership and direction to ensure business operations are in alignment with corporate services. She holds a Master of Art in English from California State University Sacramento and a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from UC Irvine.

With more than 30-years’ experience, she has expertise in program management, training and development, human and business performance; and oversees educational services, membership services, business alignment and integration, and corporate communications and documentation. She knows how to align operational functions across the enterprise and leads large scale enterprise initiatives to help achieve operational and performance goals.

Mónica Rodriguez

Board Member, EdTech Division

Ms. Rodriguez provides vision and leadership to develop and implement internal and external educational technologies, academic curricula, training and certification programs through the partnering entity of Pedageo Media. She also manages and leads teams of educational technology experts to support educational service installations and operations across multiple learning platforms.

Ms. Rodriguez comes to us with 20 year of IT consulting experience working with multiple Fortune 500 companies, including 18 years of Instructional Design experience, and 12 years with Deloitte (Global Consulting Organization).  Ms. Rodriguez is a natural leader and is entrepreneur minded owning and operating small businesses, including owning her own franchise coffee house.

Open Position

Board Member, Business Development Division

Leader shall provide leadership and direction to expand the foundation’s business philanthropy portfolio including, working with social entrepreneurs to help them identify, plan, develop, and launch new business projects including financing new ventures through multiple sources of funding including equity investments, sponsorship, partnerships, recoverable grants, and donations. He/she will lead and accelerate development, growth, and awareness of the organization’s Business Philanthropy technology and Business Infused Network across vertical markets.

Open Position

Community Development Division

Leader shall provide leadership and direction to raise funds through multiple channels including event management, expansion of new/existing programs and services, corporate sponsorship, and grant-making. He/she will lead and accelerate development, growth, and awareness of the organization’s Business Infused Network by forging new partnerships, sustain existing ones, and build strategic alliances to increase visibility and reach for the populations served.

Open Position

Board Member, InfoTech Division

Leader shall administer and manage information systems; develop and install learning technologies; develop IT services, security, and privacy protocols; configure desktop and laptop computing systems; manage physical hardware and software assets; build desktop and mobile applications, create digital media products and  produce marketing services; and oversee the publication of literary works (e.g., books, journals, magazines, etc.).

Open Position

Board Member, Edutainment Division

Leader shall lead initiatives that combine education and cultural experiences with entertainment. He/she shall recuit, develop, and manage artists in music production and sound engineering, film, and theatre; lead large scall edutainment productions including (short films, movies, poetic musicals, etc.) and oversee all aspects of radio and television broadcasting both through traditional, online and other diverse mediums.

Open Position

Board Member, D & R Division

Leader shall lead initiatives that combine research and development activities to advance the body of knowledge in the field of transformative technology with a focus on human enhancement. He/she will build upon the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) Research Methodology, develop tools, and systems to track and measure human performance across the spectrum of human capability and consciousness. This leader will work closely with Dr. Shinshuri to futher replicate germinal research developed and published in her dissertation.