SHINSHURI is a group of independent business ventures formed to provide philanthropic business services to better serve individuals and businesses in communities globally.


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What Is Our Vision, Purpose & Values?

Our vision is to be an agent of change for the betterment of communities by helping to create more sustainable business enterprises. Our purpose is to be a leading provider of philanthropic business services, financial resources, exemplary leadership and academic programs; and to help for-profit and non-profit entities develop sustainable philanthropic business operations. We value all people, dedication to performance, exemplary leadership, pursuit of knowledge, heart to mind actions, and authentic living.

What Strategic Direction Does Our Ventures Provide?

Our independent business ventures are instrumental to the growth and continual success of the organization. Each endeavor SHINSHURI embarks upon creates opportunities for a greater purpose—growth in resources, fiscal stability, and planting the seeds for success. Each provides direction, innovation, and service in the vertical market in which it has technological expertise.


Strong leadership requires a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. Success materializes when people focus on leading others to achieve their goals—SHINSHURI drives these results. The goal is to assist others to take focused action toward their goals while providing a forum for a solid business investment. SHINSHURI creates the blueprint for all its ventures to work collaboratively together for a common goal. The foundation implements proven methods and best practices to ensure the entire organization and those connected to it will thrive.