Financial Reciprocity Through Selfless Service

The Supporters and Partners in Business Philanthropy™ (SPBP) program is an initiative to support small businesses and non-profits that want to work collaboratively together to deliver whole person care solutions or to convert their operations into sustainable social enterprises. We show our supporters and partners how to develop and operate philanthropic businesses using our Business Philanthropy™ technology.

Our goal with this program is to help companies leverage the power of Business Philanthropy to become more self-sufficient. This allows them to generate their own revenue to sustain business operations, receive a financial return, and insure their own success, financial health, and longevity.


  • Cost sharing when purchasing new products, programs, and services for your organization
  • Revenue sharing from the sale of educational services and products and/or student referrals
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Business Philanthropist
  • Opportunity to become a Licensed Business Philanthropy Service Provider
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