Live the Authentic You

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The Seed of Innovation (1/9/2010)

Has human innovation helped or hindered our progress? Where does your passion lie? What innovative path are you on? The source of your innovative ability is a direct reflection for how we see and experience life.

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Reach for Timeless Possibilities  (1/23/2010)

Learn to balance the worlds of form and formless. Live inside this possibility. It will make all the difference in your life. This show discusses how to live inside the timeless world of collective super conscious and not in the time-based world of human thought.

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Embrace Unknown Certainty (2/6/2010)

Is it possible to predict the future? Some people would argue that it is not possible to predict the future while others would argue that it is possible. Maybe it is possible that both perspectives are correct.

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Living in Non-stop Action, Part 1 (4/3/2010)

Take action to develop your whole mind each day to expand your own human capabilities to higher levels of productivity. Self-development, spiritual development, leadership development, career development, and professional development are knowledge domains. What does each of these domains of knowledge have in common?

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Live More Than for Yourself (6/12/2010)

To live for one’s self is detachment and selfishness. To live for others is unity and selflessness. The spirit of a selfless heart welcomes freedom and success from multiple perspectives. Have you discovered your life’s purpose?

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Trust Your Own Healing Power (7/10/2010)

The mind has the creative ability to heal. Therefore, you have the ability to heal yourself. The power to heal comes from within. Learn to hone your true creative power from within and you can let go of external healing methods. Rejuvenate your mind and you will regenerate your body and spirit.

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Beyond the Rhetoric, Part 1 (7/10/2010)

What do you believe? For so many years many people have felt sustained by doctrine or philosophy of their religious, political, or cultural persuasion. Do those norms of the past really capture the entirety of your human experience? Join us as we pursue your philosophy of life. Are you willing to move beyond the rhetoric and embrace your own personal truth?

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Refresh Your Potential with the IPTL Program (9/4/2010)

Refresh your potential with the IPTL Program. Opening up to your innate power can be challenging. The IPTL program will give you the ability to unleash your creative power and harness your innate potential.

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Unleashing Your Creative Power with Lanaia Lee (9/25/2010)

Has your creativity hit a stagnation point? Are you having a hard time unleashing your potential because of everyday issue sand problems you may be faced with? Learn to unleash your creative power as the OracleRadio Host has an empowering dialogue with Lanaia Lee. Lanaia is an aspiring author who has had her share of life challenges only to pick herself up, dust herself off, and excel to new heights.

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Get Your Confirmation Now with Al Diaz (10/23/2010)

The power of who you are lie in your daily recognition of your true essence manifesting everyday in all that you be, know, and do. Listen to the live dialogue as Al Diaz shares his confirmation of being through you and the world around us so that you may recognize your true essence through your own daily confirmations from others and the world around us.

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Manifesting Your Financial Freedom with Romacio Fulcher (10/30/2010)

Learn how you can accelerate your rise to the top and become more financially free. Do you know how to manifest more time in your life and more money at the same time? Romacio Fulcher a multi-million dollar entrepreneur knows how. Listen in as Shinshuri and Romacio to learn just how you too can manifest the lifestyle of your dreams with purpose and intention.

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Who Do You Think You Are with Valencia Ray (11/13/2010)

Attention speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to take their business and life to the next level. Retrain your brain to breakthrough to the real you. Dump that inner critic. Attract better relationships. Create more financial abundance.

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Together as One with Dreammaster (11/20/2010)

There is only one of us. You are I am too. Listen to the dialogue as Dreammaster shares the message of oneness. You see me and I see you only because we have gotten lost in the illusion. Get over yourself! There is no other being in the world other than Us.

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Writing Down Your Soul with Janet Conner (12/4/2010)

Learn a four-step process to activate your inner wisdom. Listen as Shinshuri and Summey as they interview Janet Conner as she discusses her book Writing Down Your Soul. The first step is to simply show up!

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How to Tap into Your Personal Power with Laurie Polinski (12/18/2010)

The pathway to self-discovery may not be clear. You can chart a clear course that is right for you. There is more inside of your heart and soul to share with the world. Listen in as Shinshuri and Summey as they interview Laurie Polinski. She knows how to help you unearth and express your authentic purpose. Now is the time to live in your highest potential!