Live the Authentic You

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Beyond the Rhetoric, Part 2 (1/22/2011)

Universal Truth is not confined by religious or dogmatic undertones. It is an expression of unconditional love in a single life form. Can you handle truth expressed in multiple forms? Even when the truth does not seem to align with what you think or believe. Are you willing to integrate the power of one?

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The New Age of Intuition with Shenice Jones  (2/19/2011)

Have you ever wanted to be psychic? Do you believe a person must be born with this awesome gift? Consider the possibility that your psychic ability is dormant and you have the power within to unleash new psychic capabilities. Shinshuri and Travel explore and discuss topics with Shenice. The discussion digs deep into the psychic world, perception, feelings, and telepathy.

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I am the Guru and You are Too (3/5/2011)

Spiritual materialism is rampant everywhere. Who owns knowledge, wisdom, and truth? Information is channeled through from higher realms to lower ones. Everyone is a channel whether they know it and use it or not.

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Using Intuition as Your Flashlight with Shenice Jones (4/16/2011)

Are you living in the dark? Have you lost your way because your light energy has begun to fade or is completely snuffed out? Did you know you can re-ignite the flame of knowledge, wisdom, truth, and unconditional lover. Join Shinshuri, Traveler, and Shenice as they discuss show to turn on, direct, and use your intuitive flashlight. Re-energize your heart power through your sixth chakra!

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Using Travel as a Spiritual Practice to Increase Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity (4/30/2011)

Did you know that travel is an inspirational and enduring activity that can enrich your life and awaken your soul? Join Shinshuri and Traveler as they interview Lore Raymond to discuss the importance of using travel as a spiritual practice to awaken your inner soul and live with purpose, grace, and ease.

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How to Be a Better Person with Dwayne Bess (5/7/2011)

Selfless service is the true way to realize global prosperity. Join Shinshuri as she interviews Dwayne Bess about his new book The Perpetual Hand: Creating Infinite Motion for a Positive Life. Learn how to live a philanthropic lifestyle that empowers you and others. You got the power so let your light shine!

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Super Conscious Living Made Easy (6/11/2011)

Did you know that life is a journey in self-awakening? Are you on the path to awaken to your greatest potential? Embrace your unknown and certain future. Waken to your true essence. It is the beginning of your journey into the unknown. It is a journey of self-exploration, personal mastery, and self-development. Tune in and get your dose!

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A Million Blessings with Miss Magikal (6/25/2011)

Shinshuri interviews Miss Magikal as they both jam to wayshower music. An hour of Jam packed music just for you! Tune in Sinshuri has a treat of her own to share be sure to tune in.??Wayshower is a collection of Healing Songs presented to you as a Gift. You may download all 13 mp3s free of charge. Visit

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Conscious Choice is Yours with Barbara Hofmeister (7/2/2011)

What would happen if you awoke one day to learn that you are an anomaly? Would you allow yourself to be another guinea pig (subject to a mediocre life) or would you be the force that reshapes, redefines, and expands knowledge and truth. Conscious Choice is ours. From which approach do you live?

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Complexities of Divine Creation (7/16/2011)

The sky is not the limit. Don’t believe the hype. There has never been a limit and there never will be. Limitations only exist when we create them in your own lives. Divine energy is omnipresent in all of life.

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Live as the Silent Observer (7/23/2011)

Learning to listen attentively is a challenge. We spend more time analyzing, thinking, and making requests each day rather than living our lives through the eyes of the silent watcher that lives in each of us. Learn to be the observer in your daily life, then manifest and experience true awareness.

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A New Way to Picture Reality (8/6/2011)

There is never a moment when you are not the prime source of energy and love manifesting and interacting as I AM. You are the very essence you seek to know and follow.??Be the greatness that you already are, know yourself in your various expressions of life around you. In this single act of awareness together we will manifest a new reality.

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Galactica: A New Adventure with Katharina Harer (8/27/2011)

Have you ever been on a cosmic adventure? The mind has the power to create any experience whatever you desire. What have you created and experienced lately? Shinshuri interviews Katharina about her new book Galactica, Book 1.

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Living in Non-stop Action, Part 2 (9/10/2011)

What purpose are you manifesting? What visions are you creating? At what speed are you manifesting? Do you know how? Are you connected and tuned in to your higher vibrational frequency. Get grounded!  Get centered! Get connected!

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Something Happened on the Way to Heaven  with Nish Gunawardena (10/8/2011)

Some things cannot be explained in human language to be understood. Sometimes you have to experience to know. Shinshuri interviews Nish Gunawardena about his new novel Something Happened on the Way to Heaven.

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A Clarion Call to Your Human Expansion with Robbie MacKenzie (11/5/2011)

To awaken your greatness requires a sincere, devout, commitment to your personal mastery. The trumpet is sounding. Are you tuned in at higher vibration frequencies? Shinshuri interviews Robbie to discuss his new book that was channeled through from Arc Angel Metatron. You can be connected too and channel your higher power and wisdom!