Live the Authentic You

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Global Transformation: A Journey into Us (6/9/2012)

Are you ready and willing to do your part to help us transition to our next level of greatness and living experience on the planet? Be in conscious deliberate action to make a difference now! We will discuss the actions you must take to reinvigorate your own human power and existence and step into your greatness. Integrate your physical, metaphysical, angelic, and celestial essence Dr. Shinshuri hosts an open dialogue about the shift that is happening on the planet and how we must be at personal cause to make it happen.

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Exemplary Leadership: Greater Heart Expansion thru Service (6/23/2012)

Are you ready and willing to be an exemplary leader to do your part to be of selfless service? Is your heart open and free? An open and willing heart is all you need to be an exemplar for others. Living with an open heart brings greater awareness, creativity, power and expansion to serve more, give more, and receive more. When you are willing to serve and give to others with an open heart, you set yourself up to be able to receive in abundance from the universe. Manifestation is a natural progression from intention.

What you set out to do is your intention. What actually happens is your manifestation. If you intend to receive in abundance from the universe. You must be ready and willing to serve and give in abundance. Your intention must be pure and come from the heart then what you intend will automatically be in alignment with the universe and you will be resonating and vibrating as your I AM presence. Dr. Shinshuri hosts this colloborative dialogue about the Selfless Service Manifestation Wheel and how you can use it to create abundance for yourself and others.

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Live the Authentic You (7/7/2012)

Do you have personality? Do you touch, move, and inspire other people? What actionable steps do you take each day to touch, move, and inspire others to live and exude authentic leadership? Authenticity is more than a word about trust and integrity. It is about personal responsibility. It’s about living an authentic lifestyle.  What actions are you taking each day to live your authentic self? Dr. Shinshuri and Travel discuss the fundamental principles for living authentically.

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Be Your Own Therapist, Part 1 (7/21/2012)

Learn how to heal yourself naturally using powerful therapeutic healing methods, techniques, and modalities. YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF. If you take the necessary steps to open your heart center and activate your super powers. Dr. Shinshuri will discuss the various types of progressive healing techniques that you can use to help move you closer to unleashing your greatness, when you take deliberate action to manifest your life creations. Listen to this lively discussion and get your unconditional love reading from Dr. Shinshuri! She will lead you to your own space and power to heal yourself.

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Creating Your Own Theology (7/28/2012)

Get out of doctrine and into dominion! The power to put away old tools and beliefs and embrace only the creative power of intention and awareness is within your reach. Simply look within to activate it! Dr. Shinshuri and Rev. Q engaged with you in a lively dialogue to help you open up to create your own theology!

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Live and Play in the Zone (8/4/2012)

What is the zone? Have you ever experienced it? Everyone has experienced the zone at various times in his or her life. In fact, everyone has experienced the Excuse Zone, but few have experienced the No Excuse Zone. Even fewer people have experienced the Empowerment Zone every moment of their lives. What does it look like? How do you know when you are there? What do you need to do to stay there?  Learn how to recognize when you are in the Excuse Zone versus the Empowerment Zone.

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Be Your Own Therapist, Part 2 (8/18/2012)

Once you open yourself up to receive and accept your divine gifts. You can then channel the power you have within to heal by harnessing your ability to self attune and master your power to heal others. We all have the gift to heal. The challenge is coming to an understanding, knowing, and acceptance of it.

Dr. Shinshuri will discuss an advanced healing system that moves you beyond current 3D level healing modalities like Reiki directly to a higher frequency vibration within your Merkavah/Merkaba system. This healing method accelerates your awakening through personal alignment, interaction, and integration with source.

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Keys to Unlock Your Potential, Purpose, and Power (8/25/2012)

There are hidden spiritual laws of the universe that have not been openly revealed to mankind. These are the universal laws of life. The only way to know and experience these laws in your life is to completely surrender your ego and fully open your heart to free your soul.

Dr. Shinshuri and Reverend Q: The Master Oracle discusses the spiritual secrets to Unlocking Your Potential, Purpose and Power. We will discuss these universal spiritual laws, which are applicable to all people who can go within and pull out the hidden mysteries locked up in their own hearts.

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Magic for Everyone (10/6/2012)

Magic for Everyone is based on a book written by Reverend Quenton Stroud. Reverend Q and Dr. Shinshuri will discuss that regardless of your beliefs and person practices, you live in a magical world.

The discussion will teach each listener how to immediately recognize his or her light-body and experience the Universe thru your Divine senses. This will prove that magick is available for everyone, if you know how to access it.

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You are Destined for Greatness (11/3/2012)

You are destined for greatness. This is a universal truth that has been within each of us waiting to be unleashed throughout the ages; and long before you entered into this present incarnation.

  • Are you a believer?
  • Are you actively expressing, sharing, and manifesting your greatness each day?
  • How are you supporting yourself and others on their life journey to live authentically?

Dr. Shinshuri hosts an open dialogue to give each of us an opportunity to self-reflect as we share our life experiences and stories for how we handle and deal with life’s situations, circumstances, and experiences to overcome our challenges and fears about who we are and how we all can support and empower one another.

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Magnetize Your Life (11/17/2012)

Do you notice the synergies and synchronicity moments that occur in your life that allow you to create and experience life with grace and ease? Are you pushing, pulling, forcing and struggling to manifest desired outcomes and abundance in your life? Learn to live life listening and allowing the synergy and synchronicity of life to emerge naturally through the magnetic frequencies that exist in and around you.

Be a natural magnet and live life with grace and ease. You have the power within you to truly create and experience life through your innate magnetic ability. How are you magnetizing your own life? It is the difference between living in the excuse zone or empowerment zone.

Dr. Shinshuri shares and discusses ideas and experiences for how you can begin to magnetize your life.

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Emergency Formula: Why You Need to Live Your Best Life Now (12/1/2012)

The Emergency Formula is an in-depth revelation of Spirit on exactly what to do right now to change your life and show us as the highest version of who you really are. This teaching is the secret wisdom to turn any life condition around and head toward spiritual freedom and prosperity. It’s simple. Show up and live the authentic you right now. Dr. Shinshuri and Reverend Q: The Master Oracle discusses the components of the Emergency Formula.