Reactivate Your Divine Connection

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The Beginning of Forever (8/22/2009)

This was Shinshuri’s first online radio show. Listeners were challenged to open themselves up to what is possible for themselves, others and the world. Listen in to learn what it means to really be in a renewed state of being where all is possible and available to you. This exciting first show features the super conscious model for living. Tune in and start the process to learn how to live a life fully transformed.

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Unobstructed Freedom (9/5/2009)

In this show, Shinshuri and Summey discuss the 2nd step in the super conscious model for living. You learn a technique to free yourself from pain that leads to resentment and regret. Listeners were asked to go beyond the illusions of their own thoughts and feelings, which can lead to blaming others.

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Reflections in the Mirror (9/18/2009)

Who are you? Do you know? Listen as Shinshuri and Summey engage in a self-reflective dialogue to help you rediscover yourself. You are more than your human identity. This community dialogue will assist you with finding who you really are behind the mask in the mirror.

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Metacognition: Moving Beyond Recursive Thinking (10/10/2009)

The brain is a power tool. Do you master it or does it master you? This show explored the depths of the mind and the distinctions between brain and mind (consciousness) power.

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Mastering Unconditional Love, Part 1 (12/5/2009)

Why is unconditional love a battlefield? In this show Shinshuri and Summey explored the key issues and dilemmas we face when manifesting real love in relationships.

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Evolution vs. Creation: Is it Debatable? (12/19/2009)

There has been a long-standing debate over evolution and creation. One has typically been seen from a scientific lens while the other from a religious lens. Could it not be that they are both one and the same?