Reactivate Your Divine Connection

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Mastering Unconditional Love, Part 2 (2/20/2010)

Are you an exclusive or inclusive thinker? This show will expand our discussion of unconditional love and further explore the depths of key issues and dilemmas we face when dealing with various perspectives and viewpoints other than our own.

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Inside Myself with Traveler (3/6/2010)

To be vigilant, vibrant and free for your greater self can be a joyous, challenging, and perplexing experience. How can a person live in non-stop action when he or she cannot find a way that links him or her to community, social interaction, and prosperity?

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Knowledge and Perception (3/20/2010)

Knowledge and perception are entirely two different things. One is inherently expansive and enables growth. The other is inherently limiting and disempowering to yourself and others.

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Mastering Unconditional Love, Part 3 (4/17/2010)

Are you operating from a selfless service or self-serving mode? This show will explore various ways in which we can manifest unconditional love in our lives through our daily actions and contributions.

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The Miscommunication of Language (5/1/2010)

How often have you found yourself trapped or misunderstood in your communication with others simply because you and others failed to take the time to truly listen? Consider the possibility that you are the common denominator in every situation where a breakdown has occurred in communication.

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In the Moment  with Kojo (5/15/2010)

Have you ever been misunderstood? Have you ever been taken for granted, or overlooked because of someone’s perception of you? The purpose of this topic is to identify how we communicate ourselves to others and to resolve or modify that communication for better outcomes.

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Illusion Chasers, Part 1 (5/29/2010)

The proverbial rat race is a real experience for those who are chasing the cheese on the wheel of life? Are you constantly chasing that cheese but never going anywhere? Where have you gotten caught in the trap? Rise above the reality veil.

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Where is Your FOcus? (6/26/2010)

Are you living below your own expectations? Have you gotten trapped by the complacency bug? To move beyond your own internal blocks you have to be willing to look at and recognize recurring patterns in your own thinking and behaviors.

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Illusion Chasers, Part 2 (8/7/2010)

Are you an illusion chaser or a truth creator? You have the power to create whatever life you want. Why do most people wait or look to others to tell them how they should live?

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Cognition and Metacognition with Kojo (8/21/2010)

Thinking versus thinking about thinking. How are you wired or programmed to process information? The purpose of this topic is to identify your individual and ideal learning style against the formal way you were taught, or the way you were socialized to process information.

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Loving Me When… with Mercedes Warrick (10/9/2010)

The power of focused intention can be yours. Come participate in the live dialogue. Learn how to elevate your success frequency with Mercedes Warrick. She will talk about her personal journey and vision to manifest the Soul Inspired Business Network.