Reactivate Your Divine Connection

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Illusion Chasers, Part 3 (1/8/2011)

Do you live to absorb projected false realities or do you live to co-create objective realities. Learn to be a co-creative contributor of universal truth for everyone. Live your best self for others and watch your dreams come true.

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Energy Etiquette with Sheryl Lynn (2/5/2011)

What is energy etiquette? Why is it important? Why should you be concerned with how to apply it effectively in your daily living? Shinshuri interviews Sheryl Lynn and learn just what energy etiquette is all about.

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THe Oracle Treehouse, Part 1 with Shenice Jones (3/15/2011)

Yes, the Oracle Treehouse is now on the Oracles of Truth Network. On today’s show we are talking about the World of Vibration. Everyone and everything has a vibe and we will be talking it and I will be giving one-question readings on the air. So join us as we talk vibes.

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Heart of the Visionary: The Four-Chamber Path Way with Lore Raymond (3/19/2011)

Did you know that the “heart is not a pump?” Join the live discussion to discuss two new radical concepts to embrace the heart of the new visionary. Learn the four integrative and essential qualities to ensure your authentic pathway to success as a visionary. Lore will share one powerful action step to move you forward for each of the four chambers!

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The Oracle Treehouse, Part 2 with Shenice Jones (3/29/2011)

On today’s show we are talking about the language of spirit. Spirit is always talking to us. It has a language all it’s own. How to we learn this language, how to we translated it. We will answer those question and others on today show. I will also be doing mini readings. So join us as we learn about the language of spirit.

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Steps to Love, Part 1 with Barbara Reynolds (4/2/2011)

What are the steps to love? There are several conscious and deliberate steps you can make everyday. Barbara shows us how to open our hearts to live from the space of pure unconditional love using our own pure intentions of the heart.

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Awaken to Your Genius with Catrice Jackson (5/14/2011)

What is your greatest fear? Have you ever thought to ask yourself this question? What if you awake one day to find that you are only afraid of yourself. Start looking at yourself and ask this question. You might learn something new about you that you did not know before. Shinshuri interviewed Catrice Jackson about her new book The Art of Fear-Free Living: Awaken Your Genius.

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Your Inner Guide to Good Fortune with Aimee Yawnick (6/18/2011)

Do you know what life you were meant to live? are you living it? What are you willing to do to start living it? The life of your dreams is waiting to be unleashed. Get busy living your life’s purpose. Join Shinshuri and Traveler as they interview Aimée Yawnick and explore your inner guide to good fortune.

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Ancient Teachings of the Seven Rays with Jay Pee (8/13/2011)

What are the ancient teachings of the Seven Rays? How does it apply to you and your life now? Come join the live discuss with Shinshuri and Jay Pee. Get started applying the ancient teachings in your daily living right now!

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Healing the Incurable: An Inside Job with Jerome Braggs (9/24/2011)

Are you suffering from chronic illness, headaches, pain, or some other personal health or behavioral issue? What will it take for you to get yourself right? Spend an hour with Shinshuri and Jerome as they discuss actionable and practical steps to self-healing. Get in action about your life. Learn to heal the incurable!

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The Oracle Speaks with Reverend Q (10/15/2011)

Learn more about your inner powers, soul’s journey, or move past internal blocks that keep you trapped in mental anguish, or emotional baggage. Reverend Q (The Master Oracle) will conduct live readings for viewers in this interactive and collaborative dialogue session.