Reactivate Your Divine Connection

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Live Karma Free (4/21/2012)

Did you know that it is possible to live karma free? There is a long-standing belief that many people still use in their communication and interactions with others. The belief that what goes around comes around is such a ubiquitous catch phrase that many of us quote it not knowing the true meaning of the phrase. How can a person free himself or herself from a perpetual cycle of negative energy that reoccurs through continuous life patterns that reverberate throughout the universe for many lifetimes? Dr. Shinshuri and Dr. Carlous Caple discuss the fundamental misconceptions about karma and how to rid your life of it forever.

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Live Above Time (4/28/2012)

How much of your day is spent worrying about how much time you don’t have? The more time you spend thinking about time the less time you have to be productive because procrastination will set in. What you think you create. Thoughts are creative. Don’t expend all your efforts thinking. Focus on taking the necessary actions to get the things you want done and watch them manifest in your life. Dr. Shinshuri and Dr. Carlous Caple discus how you can live above time!

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Personal Transformation: A Journey into You (5/12/2012)

Are you on the path to have your personal transformation? Are you willing to unleash your true human potential? Do you even know how? Now is the time to move past your personal roadblocks and get in action about your life and the co-creation of a wonderful new world. Be the cause in your own life and the effect in the lives of others. How will you help make a difference? Dr. Shinshuri and Dr. Carlous Caple discuss what it’s going to take to move from procrastination to non-stop action in your life.

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Steps to Love, Part 2 with Barbara Reynolds (6/2/2012)

Barbara showed us how to open our hearts to live from the space of pure unconditional love using our own pure intentions of the heart in Steps to Love Part I.  In Steps to Love part II she guides us through phases that help us to live in the moment and direct our emotions without using judgments.  Dr. Shinshuri and Barbara Reynolds lead you into intriguing dialogue for personal change.

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Expressions of Unconditional Love (6/30/2012)

The hardest part about making personal change is letting go of old patterns that do not serve us anymore or have limited us in some way; both as an individual and as a collective species. The familiar is more comfortable than the new.

In this show, Dr. Shinshuri and Rev. Q. “The Master Oracle” will openly discuss her new book Expressions of Unconditional Love. They will also discuss how you can use the book to take the necessary steps to move into a space of unconditional love to free yourself from the shackles of the EGO.

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Healing from the Inside Out (10/13/2012)

Did you know that you are the creator of your present life conditions and situations? What physical health issues have you manifested in your life? What personal roadblocks are keeping you from living a vibrant and healthy life?

Learn to recognize the mental and emotional baggage that you carry around with you everyday. Be at cause to free yourself and live a life full of vitality. You have the creative power to be the roadblock or key to your greatest success. Dr. Shinshuri exposes the truth about mental and physical health and how you are the creator of all that happens and manifests in your human body.

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Illusion Chasers, Part  4 (10/20/2012)

The proverbial rat race is a real experience for those who are chasing the cheese on the wheel of life? Are you constantly chasing that cheese but never going anywhere? Where have you gotten caught in the trap? Rise above the reality veil. In other words, get out of the rat race and into living grace!

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Where are You in Consciousness? (12/22/2012)

Life is a direct expression of your current mental state. All of your life experiences reflect the state of mind from which you are living. Are you reactionary or responsive in your daily living? Learn to assess where you may be in consciousness then get in action to redefine yourself in each new moment. Be a transformative leader and give, serve, and receive unconditional love everyday.