Live in Meditation Activity

This activity will assist you with living in meditation. The purpose of this activity is to help you maintain an unwavering connection to your innate power and wisdom. The goal of this activity is to assist you in living every moment of your life from a heightened sense of awareness and observation.

For the next week spend every moment actively meditating. This means you should be using every experience, activity, or situation to recognize, surrender, accept, listen, transform, and experience your life anew in each new moment.

Make a conscious attempt to meditate during your normal daily routines. Do this whenever and wherever you are. For example, during meetings, at lunch, at school, while driving, when picking up the kids, engaging and talking with other people, etc. Describe all of your experiences in your journal. Continuously observe and examine what happens, occurs, and arises in you and others without judgment. Simply be with what is happening and notice how you interact and engage with others.

Living in mediation requires that you do the following:

Recognize when you are projecting your ego or thoughts that you are having internally outside of your energy field toward yourself and others.

Surrender your attachments, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Accept what is happening as it occurs. Open your heart to forgiveness and express unconditional love at all times without attachment to anything that is being created.

Listen to your innate voice, wisdom, and internal knowing and take action on what you innately know is the real truth about who you are.

Transform all of your life experiences through your continuous monitoring and observation of all your life experiences. Remain vigilant and true to your higher essence and respond rather than react to situations, experiences, and outcomes.

Experience yourself as fully self-expressed and co-create a new world experience for yourself and others that is replete with unconditional love, harmony, and posterity.

  • Read Super Conscious Model for Living book (pp. 30-33)
  • Complete the Experiencing Meditation using the music track from Expressions of Unconditional Love CD
  • Prepare for a dynamic and interactive social learning experience by registering for the Live an Awakened Life Social Mixer

Note: As you complete the meditation, start at the beginning and go for as long as you can in the traditional meditative posture while the music plays. If you get tired, lie down and rest while the music plays through to completion. Continue focusing on experiencing your inner power while the music plays.