Learn How to Use Your Membership

Are you new to Shinshuri.com? This library is for all of members. Use the learning resources in this library to get the most out of your membership. Learn how to access and use all the areas that your membership covers. If a topic is not included or available, you can recommend a topic or post a question in the Getting Started Forum.

Water Harmony
  • New Member Handbook
  • Partner Handbook
  • Facilitator Handbook

Learning Community

  • Navigating the Website
  • Navigating Your Profile
  • Participating in Community Forums
  • Accessing Digital Libraries
  • Upgrading Your Account
  • Participating in a Course
  • Submitting a Support Ticket
  • Writing a Stellar Blog
  • Moderating the Community
  • Referring a Friend

Services and Discounts

  • Setting Up Affiliate Marketing
  • Promoting Your Brand
  • Purchasing Products and Services
  • Signing Up to Be a Guest
  • Signing Up to Be a Partner
  • Facilitating an Online Course
  • Scheduling a Coaching Session
  • Sponsoring Tuition-free Education