Focus on Courseware Development

This library is for members who have a desire to learn and/or expand their instructional design skills. In this library members gain the tools and resources they need produce instructional sound and robust learning solutions and products. If a topic, tool, or learning resource is not included or available, you can recommend a topic, tool, or learning resource, by submitting a request in the Instructional Design Forum.

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Instructional Systems Design Process

addieInstructional Systems Design (ISD) is a systematic process used to design instruction for multiple types of Learners and learning environments. ISD is also referred to as instructional design. It is the practice of achieving effective, efficient, and appealing instruction through the design and development of various learning experiences.  ISD can be described in five basic steps. These include: analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. In this library, you will have access to video and audio self-help tutorials and recordings, ebooks, and online classes along with supporting learning materials. You have immediate access to the tools and resources in this library to help you accelerate your personal transformation and start to live authentically as your I AM presence in your professional career.

Enhanced ADDIE eCourse and Toolkit

enhanced ADDIE

The Enhanced ADDIE Model is an integrated approach to instructional design. This enhanced model differs from the generic ADDIE Model in the expansion of the evaluation component; integration and addition of roles; and the cyclical, interactive, iterative, and recursive process involved in the production of an instructional solution. The Enhanced ADDIE Model illustrates the complexity of ISD and simplicity of model definition.


  1. Overview
  2. Analyze
  3. Design
  4. Develop
  5. Implement
  6. Formative Evaluation
  7. Summative Evaluation


  • ISD Lifecycles
  • ISD Matrices
  • Analyze Templates
  • Analyze Samples
  • Design Templates
  • Design Samples
  • Development Templates
  • Develop Samples
  • Implementation Templates
  • Implementation Samples
  • Evaluation Templates
  • Evaluation Samples
Manage the GAP eCourse and Toolkit

manage the GAP_sm

Managing the gap refers to the continuous monitoring and management of a Courseware Development project to ensure that all information is handled efficiently, effectively, and appropriately. The goal is to balance content changes, quantity, quality, accuracy of information, timely open communication, and unknown variables to accelerate courseware development.


  1. Overview
  2. Gather Step
  3. Associate Step
  4. Produce Step


  • Manage the GAP Lifecycles
  • Gathering Templates
  • Gathering Samples
  • Association Templates
  • Association Samples
  • Production Templates
  • Production Samples