Preferred Partners work with us to provide unique flexible learning experiences that combines exemplary leadership and Business Philanthropy services to lead themselves and those we serve to financial prosperity. To be a Preferred Partner you must meet the first three eligibility requirements and submit our application form below.


  • Be an existing small business or non-profit (501[c][3]) corporation with less than 50 employees and a leadership team or staff.
  • Signed a Preferred Partnership agreement.
  • Have a need to use Business Philanthropy to transform your organization into a sustainable philanthropic business.
  • Have a need to become a Certified Business Philanthropist or Business Philanthropy Service Provider.
  • Have an existing store front (one or more locations) or business office.
  • Have a need to offer one or more training and certification programs or academic degree programs through an online flexible educational platform.


  • Receives free affiliate marketing advertisements on SHINSHURI Leadership Portal or Oracle Learning Community. Note: Applies only to LinkExchange and Product Pro. Limited to one subscription per Preferred Partner.
  • Receive up to 50% discount for affiliate marketing advertisements on SHINSHURI Leadership Portal, Oracle Learning Community, or both. Note: Applies only to Advertisement Pro service plan.
  • Receive up to 20% discount on Business and Education Services.
  • Share up to 20% in revenue generated from the sale of specific services, products, and programs under the Preferred Partnership agreement.
  • Access and receive human resource support from a pool of student professionals through our Integrated Internship Program.

Note: Sole proprietorships or single owner corporations are ineligible for this opportunity. These type of owners and companies are eligible for Partners in Business Leadership and Business Philanthropy Training and Certification services offered directly through SHINSHURI Leadership Portal. Businesses or non-profit corporations with more then 50+ employees should contact us via our Contact Form to discuss how they can benefit from using Business Philanthropy.

Tap into the single source for innovative business and learning technology services platform online! Support tuition-free college education, share in the revenue, increase exposure, visibility, and traffic. Complete our Preferred Partnership Application below to get started today!

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