Activate Your Innate Power

Provision Learning Series

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Accessing Your Multiple Intelligences, Part 1 (10/27/2012)

Are you living below your true human potential? Did you know you have multiple intelligences? What are multiple intelligences? How do you access each one? If you are not accessing and using your multiple intelligences you are limiting your true human potential. When you learn how to tap into your I AM gift you can unlock and use all your intellectual faculties, abilities, talents, and skills.

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Accessing Your Multiple Intelligences, Part 2 (11/10/2012)

If you enjoyed Part 1, then you will love Part 2. We want to prepare you for your best possible living and learning experiences to assist you in the process of unleashing your greatness. In Part 1, we explored the Model of Human Potential. We take it a step further and provide real life examples and practice tips for how we manifest our multiple intelligences each day. Dr. shares and discusses ideas and experiences for how you can begin activating or how you may be using your multiple intelligences.

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Accessing Your Multiple Intelligences, Part 3 (12/15/2012)

Are you on the path to manifest abundance in your life? Any abundance that you desire to create requires hard work, dedication, and collaboration. There are some things you can start doing today to quickly propel yourself forward to create the life you were meant to co-create.

Dr. Shinshuri and Traveler discuss practical ways in which you can start accessing your multiple intelligences right now. It’s imperative that you learn to harness your innate talents and abilities through teamwork, support, and collaboration. Convert knowledge quickly into true competencies and skills to expand your life and purpose today.