Surrender That Which Does Not Serve You Anymore Activity

This activity will assist you in letting go of things that do not serve you anymore. The purpose of this activity is to help you identify the barriers and blocks you create (now in every moment of your life) or have created (in the past) that has caused you and others pain, suffering, illness, grief, anger, animosity, resentment, regret, depression, and so on. The goal of this activity is to open you up and give you a new perspective from which to view yourself and the world around you.


Surrendering is about you not the other person. Focus on forgiving yourself for your part in the co-creation of the situation. Once you forgive yourself you can liberate your soul. You can then forgive the other person.

  • Reflect upon one or more past relationship or events that were experiences for you that you have not let go or resolved
  • Take personal responsibility for your part in the creation of the issue that lead to the unresolved situation
  • Take action to let go and surrender through forgiveness
  • Call or write the person (e.g. friend, sibling, relative, husband, wife, exit boyfriend/girlfriend, colleague, etc.) with which you have this long-standing issue that has not been resolved


  • Spouse, friend, sibling dispute
  • Resentment about a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Regret about a past experience
  • Loss of work
  • Childhood trauma
  • Holding on to material/physical items (e.g. money, cars, furniture, clothes, shoes, people, etc.) to control or  horde
  • Holding a grudge, mental anguish, or personal judgments toward yourself or others
  • Read Super Conscious Model for Living book (pp. 21-22)
  • Complete the Surrendering Meditation using the music track from Expressions of Unconditional Love CD
  • Prepare for the next session, by reading Week 3: Accepting Your Innate Power

Note: As you complete the meditation, start at the beginning and go for as long as you can in the traditional meditative posture while the music plays. If you get tired, lie down and rest while the music plays through to completion. Continue focusing on accepting your inner power to know yourself while the music plays.