Personal Transformation Interview

This activity will assist you with identifying recurring themes and patterns in your life that manifest through your way of being. The purpose of this activity is to help you pinpoint known or unknown blind spots in your personality. The goal of this activity is to assist you in the process to liberate yourself and allow you to live more fully, open, purposeful, and with ease.


  • Select four to five people you know such as co-workers, friends, or family members who can provide you with direct open and candid answers to each of the four questions listed below
  • Conduct a live interview with each person using the questionnaire (phone or face-to-face and take notes)
  • Observe how you feel and what comes up during each interview
  • Allow yourself to be with what happens
  • Write in your journal what you observe and feel
  • Complete the daily meditation to help you surrender
  • Document and bring your findings to the next session


When engaging with your interviewer, be sure to ask him or her to be candid and direct. Make sure that he or she understands that it is safe to be open. Explain that everything will remain confidential and the information will assist you in your personal development and leadership. You would like his or her honest opinion of you to make improvements.

  1. Who am I being for you?
  2. How would you describe your experience of me?
  3. What do I do well or should continue doing?
  4. What can I do differently or discontinue doing?
  • Read Super Conscious Model for Living book (pp. 30-33)
  • Complete the Surrendering Meditation using the music track from Expressions of Unconditional Love CD
  • Prepare for the next session, by reading Week 6: Experiencing Oneness

Note: As you complete the meditation, start at the beginning and go for as long as you can in the traditional meditative posture while the music plays. If you get tired, lie down and rest while the music plays through to completion. Continue focusing on accepting your inner power to know yourself while the music plays.