eCourses LogoAn eCourse is an online unit of instruction or curriculum composed of eModules and webinars. The eCourse learning platform developed by Oracles of Truth introduces a new philanthropic business approach to learning and development that is unprecedented in the field of education.

The first program to be launched under this new business model is the Integrated Personal Transformation Leadership™ (IPTL) program. This program consists of four curricula tracks: Personal Transformation Leadership Curricula, Digital Media Producer Curricula, Instructional Design Curricula, and Web Design Curricula.

To learn more about the Integrated Personal Transformation Leadership (IPTL) visit Oracles of Truth™ Academy.

The goal of tuition-free education is to provide access to education to anyone that desires to receive a college degree regardless of their ability to pay. Although education is made accessible to you for free, it does not imply that the education will be of a lesser quality and value.

The value or worth of education is supplanted by a person’s mere desire to attain it. There will always be value and worth in acquiring an education. It just doesn’t have to wear a price tag!

Personal Transformation Leadership™ (PTL) Program

  • Living an Awakened Life New
  • The Power to Know
  • Channeling Your Creative Power
  • Universal Truth
  • A Cycle of Life
  • Living Your Life Purpose Project

Digital Media Technology™ (DMT) Program

  • Introduction to Digital Media
  • Creative Writing and Speaking
  • Producing a Radio Show
  • Producing a TV Show
  • Broadcasting a Show
  • OracleProducer Project

Web Design Technology™ (WDT) Program

  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Principles of Web Design
  • Web Design Applications I
  • Web Design Applications II
  • Web Animation and Graphics
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Accessible Web Design
  • Web Design Project

Instructional Design Technology™ (IDT) Program

  • Instructional Design Fundamentals
  • Principles of Instructional Design I
  • Principles of Instructional Design II
  • eCourse Design
  • eCourse Development
  • Instructional Design Project

Business Development Technology™ (BDT) Program

  • Business Design and Modeling
  • Product and Service Development
  • Business Planning and Finance
  • Sales Generation and Marketing
  • Business Operations and Management
  • Business Philanthropist Project