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Artistic Expressions– Create, Motivate, Experience

Produces unique cosmic vibrations, rhythms, sound frequencies, and artistic expressions that motivate and expands human consciousness and thought forms. Promotes and markets an integrated blend of music, literary, visual, and stage performances across diverse cultures, media, and platforms.


Unique Interactions – Connect, Market, Interact

Co-creates unique interactive and entertaining learning experiences that actively engage and involve members in the community. Promotes and markets across multiple media platforms and community-based outlets to expand our reach.


Empowering Ideas – Design, Communicate, Execute

Brings together typography, color, and form to fulfill strategic goals for a company, delivering clear communications and creative solutions which generate challenging, intelligent and trend-setting design that changes the marketing landscape. Complex ideas and concepts transform into simple and powerfully designed visual communication without need of translation.


Learning Technologies – Empower, Innovate, Evolve

Produces programs, training curricula, courseware products, textbooks, and multimedia learning materials that support learning and academic achievement. Builds advanced learning technology systems and platforms focused on delivering reusable learning objects, resources, and products.


Research Technologies – Track, Measure, Perform

Conducts research studies in multiple learning domains and disciplines and tracks, measures, and evaluates individual and business performance. Develops performance assessments and systems to share information across the enterprise.


Academic Exemplar – Innovate, Integrate, Educate

Creates unique teaching and learning environments that encourage and empower personal and professional mastery. Connects students to real-world work experiences using a multidisciplinary holistic, tuition-free approach to education.