Authentic Leadership Life Coaches

[ESPRESSO_STAFF id=”1″] Dr. Shinshuri is a Authentic Leadership Life Coach and certified Metatronia Therapist. She is devoted to your success! As a prolific writer, healer, speaker, business philanthropist, and producer she works tirelessly to manifest her greatness and be at cause to assist you in manifesting yours.

Shinshuri is the founder of Oracles of Truth Academy. She holds a Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Masters of Education in Instructional Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She has more than 18 years experience in new media, education, information technology, and engineering fields.

[ESPRESSO_STAFF id=”2″] Reverend Quenton Stroud is a licensed and ordained New Thought/Metaphysics Minister. He has studied and worked in various spiritual modalities, he has been able to learn from many Gurus and Teachers thoughout the last 17 years. This experience has been integral in awakening his own intuitive abilities.

At the age of 14 he learned that he could sense and effect psychic energy in others he has been able to hone the gifts of Oracle Intuition, Spiritual Healing, Raising Ones Emotional Tone Level, Awakening Latent Superpowers, etc.

His readings are accurate and insightful. He is available to help take you to the next dimension in your life. The Master Oracle unlocks your hidden potential and gives you the answers in life that you have been looking for.