Complete each of the following to prepare for this week’s session.

  • Read through steps 1-3 below
  • Listen to the Fully Open Your Heart and Connect audio clip
  • Access or purchase the learning materials for this weekly session
  • Complete the weekly assignments throughout Week 3

What does it mean to accept your innate power? Do you know? Write down your feelings as you contemplate these questions.


Do not do anything else. Do not think about anything. Simply write down your feelings in your journal.


To accept means to:

  1. To receive something offered
  2. To affirm or acknowledge
  3. To agree or take responsibility for something
  4. To regard as true, proper, usual, or right

When we can accept the reality of what is, we immediately open ourselves up to practice forgiveness in our daily living. It is through forgiveness that we are able to move into a state where we know and express unconditional love toward ourselves and others without resentment, regret or any negative energy.

We are truly able to accept ourselves and others for who we truly are. Until you can live in this space without judgment, rift, and without the need or impetus to prove something to yourself or others, there is still more healing work for you to do. Listen to the Fully Open Your Heart and Connect audio clip to experience how to open your heart to reconnect to your I AM presence.

Fully Open Your Heart and Connect


Now that you have listened to the audio clip, record how you feel in your journal. Pay attention to what you perceive and feel throughout this experience.

Learning Materials

You will need the following items for this session.

  • Journal
  • Water
  • Super Conscious Model for Living (book)
  • Expressions of Unconditional Love (book)
  • Accepting Meditation (music)
  • Music to Awaken Super Consciousness (optional)

Complete the following activities as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your experiences in the community forum.

  • Post your personal response to the following questions in the discussion forum (Are you ready to be free? Are you committed to yourself? Are you ready to accept and live your personal truth? Are you able to accept the personal truth of others? Are you able to say I AM too with conviction? Are you truly ready to live from your heart?)
  • Respond to other members comments and posts in the discussion forum
  • Complete the Accept Who You are Activity each day throughout the week

Discussion Forum: Personal Leadership Forum
Practice: Accept Who You Are Activity