Complete each of the following to prepare for this week’s session.

  • Read through steps 1-3 below
  • Listen to the Live Authentically Everyday audio clip
  • Access or purchase the learning materials for this weekly session
  • Complete the weekly assignments throughout Week 5

What does it mean to experience life from a whole new perspective? Do you know? Write down your feelings as you contemplate these questions.

Do not do anything else. Do not think about anything. Simply write down your feelings in your journal.  Now share it with your cohort.


To experience means:

  1. The apprehension of an object, thought or emotion through the senses or mind
  2. Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or experience
  3. Knowledge or skill derived from an event or situation
  4. An event or series of events participated in or lived through

Experience is how we gain knowledge. This means we must be willing to move from intellectualizing what we know to living it. To truly know through experience we must learn to integrate and apply the principles of super conscious living in our lives.

You will begin to live in meditation. It is movement from passive to active meditation. You will be walking, talking, playing, working, living, and being in meditation all the time. At this point, it will have become a natural part of you just like breathing. You will be sharing and radiating more light and love energy for all to know, see, and experience of you all the time in every moment of each day. You will be living your authentic self.

If you are not living authentically, you are living inside your ego consciousness which is an unauthentic way of living and being in the world. Listen to the Live Authentically Everyday audio clip to experience what it means to live the authentic you.

Live Authentically Everyday


Now that you have listened to the audio clip, record how you feel in your journal. Pay attention to what you perceive and feel throughout this experience.

Learning Materials

You will need the following items for this session.

  • Journal
  • Water
  • Super Conscious Model for Living (book)
  • Expressions of Unconditional Love (book)
  • Experiencing Meditation (music)
  • Music to Awaken Super Consciousness (optional)

Complete the following activities as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your experiences in the community forum.

  • Post your personal response to the following questions in the discussion forum (What did you learn about yourself after conducting the interview? Are you able to live as an observer? Can you recognize when you or another person is in an unbalanced state of individual consciousness? Can you recognize when you or another person is in a balanced state of universal consciousness? Are you living free?)
  • Respond to other members comments and posts in the discussion forum
  • Complete the Live in Meditation Activity each day throughout the week

Discussion Forum: Personal Leadership Forum
Practice: Live in Meditation Activity