Listen Here and Follow Directions Activity

This activity will assist you with listening and tuning. The purpose of this activity is to help you quiet the mind so you can listen, tune in, and receive messages to guide you in your daily living. The goal of this activity is to assist you in honing and controlling your mind by reducing mental chatter that convolutes, blocks, and distorts intuitive guidance.


  • Practice reducing mental chatter
  • Quiet your mind (no thoughts)
  • Allow yourself to be with what happens
  • Write in your journal what you observe and feel
  • Complete the daily meditation to help with listening


 Sit silent and still without   mental activity. If thoughts enter your consciousness, simply let those   thoughts pass through. Do not evaluate your thoughts. Just observe them in   your consciousness.

Quieting the Mind

  1.   Observe your mental activity
  2.   Eliminate all thought activity
  3.   Are you thinking?
  4.   If yes, you have more work to do to eliminate   all thought
  5.   If no, your mind is still and ready to receive
  6.   Allow and be with what happens during moments   of fleeting stillness
  7.   Practice quieting the mind while performing   other daily activities
  8.   Record your experience in your journal at each   event
  • Read Super Conscious Model for Living book (pp. 23-25)
  • Complete the Surrendering Meditation using the music track from Expressions of Unconditional Love CD
  • Prepare for the next session, by reading Week 5: Transforming and Being an Exemplar

Note: As you complete the meditation, start at the beginning and go for as long as you can in the traditional meditative posture while the music plays. If you get tired, lie down and rest while the music plays through to completion. Continue focusing on accepting your inner power to know yourself while the music plays.