Complete each of the following to prepare for this week’s session.

  • Read through steps 1-3 below
  • Listen to the Listen, Hear, and Follow Directions audio clip
  • Access or purchase the learning materials for this weekly session
  • Complete the weekly assignments throughout Week 4

What does it mean to listen to your inner wisdom? Do you know? Write down your feelings as you contemplate these questions.

Do not do anything else. Do not think about anything. Simply write down your feelings in your journal. Share what you observe about yourself with your cohort.


Once we have freed ourselves from the shackles of the ego we can advance forward on the ladder of Individual Consciousness. To do this you must be willing to listen, hear, and follow directions.


To listen means:

  • To make an effort to receive information
  • To pay attention
  • To tune in

To hear means:

  • To perceive information
  • To become aware of directly through the senses
  • To achieve understanding of something

To follow means:

  • To go in the direction of; be guided by
  • To  accept the guidance, command, or leadership of
  • To act in agreement or compliance
  • To keep or stick to
  • To engage in

There is a necessary and natural order to receiving divine guidance. Listening precedes hearing. Listening is not the same as hearing and it is certainly not thinking. You must listen first, and then you can hear. You are already always listening. This form of listening is driven by the ego. If you are listening from within your ego consciousness you are actually thinking. Not listening. It is a learned response of the mind initiated through ego conscious awareness.

When you let go of your ego and live inside your true I AM presence you open yourself up to listen from a new and open state of super conscious awareness. In this space of listening, you can hear the divine messages that will flow through unabated from within the abyss of wisdom and unconditional love that flows forth from within. You will be able to take action and apply that divine knowing in every area of your life. You will be living in your heart center.

If you are unable to let go and rid yourself of egoic thought patterns, then you will not be able to reestablish a constant unwavering connection to Source Energy; the divine voice that lives inside of you. This divine essence and knowing is the real you. It is that part of you that you share with others that allows you to live as an individualized expression of Spirit in human form.  Listen to the Listen, Hear, and Follow Directions audio clip to experience what it means to list, hear, and follow directions.

Listen, Hear, and Follow Directions


Now that you have listened to the audio clip, record how you feel in your journal. Pay attention to what you perceive and feel throughout this experience.

Learning Materials

You will need the following items for this session.

  • Journal
  • Water
  • Super Conscious Model for Living (book)
  • Expressions of Unconditional Love (book)
  • Listening Meditation (music)
  • Music to Awaken Super Consciousness (optional)

Complete the following activities as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your experiences in the community forum.

  • Post your personal response to the following questions in the discussion forum (Are youwilling to listen, hear, and follow directions? Are you grounded? What divination tools and/or techniques do you use to ground yourself? How do you know when you are grounded? Are you centered? Are you connected? What does it feel like when you are connected?)
  • Respond to other members comments and posts in the discussion forum
  • Complete the Listen, Hear, and Follow Directions Activity each day throughout the week

Discussion Forum: Personal Leadership Forum
Practice: Listen, Hear, and Follow Directions Activity