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The Soul Purpose of Animals  (1/24/2011)

Did you know that animals enter the world with a purpose too? Join Shinshuri as she interviews Sheryl Lynn to discuss the deep connection she has with Chelsea. A special k-9 who has a human soul mate.

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Unveiling the Mask of the Pretender (2/7/2011)

Have you ever been a victim of false pretense? Are you a cunning, dubious, predator who pretends to be a gentleman behind an illusory mask of deception and deceit? Shinshuri interviewed Lamont Faison a master trickster who once lived a lifestyle of disguise as a skillful pretender.

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Finding the Psychic Within (2/21/2011)

Learn how to tap into your inner guidance. There are many known and unknown techniques to channeling your inner intuitive guidance. Join Shinshuri as she interviews Barbara Reynolds an intuitive, healer, psychic, transformation coach, channel, and author.

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How to Maximize Self Gain by Helping Others (4/18/2011)

Selfless service is the true way to realize global prosperity. Join Shinshuri as she interviews Dwayne Bess about his new book The Perpetual Hand: Creating Infinite Motion for a Positive Life. Learn how to live a philanthropic lifestyle that empowers you and others!

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The Art of Fear-free Living (4/27/2011)

What is your greatest fear? Have you ever thought to ask yourself this question? What if you awake one day to find that you are only afraid of yourself. Start looking at yourself and ask this question. You might learn something new about about you that you did not know before. Shinshuri interviewed Catrice Jackson about her new book The Art of Fear-Free Living: Awaken Your Genius.

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Conscious Music with Miss Magikal (5/9/2011)

Shinshuri interviews Miss Magikal about her wayshower music. An hour of jam packed music just for you! Wayshower is a collection of Healing Songs presented to you as a Gift. You may download all 13 mp3’s free of charge. Visit

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How to Stop living in Fear of Being Found Out (6/15/2011)

Are you are fake? Does anyone really know who you are? Do you know who you are? Shinshuri interviews Aimée Yawnick and discusses three simple steps you can do to put an end to feeling like a fraud.

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Insight into You (7/4/2011)

Discover the truth of who you are and your purpose on this planet. Shinshuri interviews Reverend Q: The Master Oracle shares prophetic insight into you and how you can discover the truth of who you really are.

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The Oracle Speaks (7/6/2011)

Learn more about your inner powers, soul’s journey, or move past internal blocks that keep you trapped in mental anguish, or emotional baggage. Reverend Q (The Master Oracle) will conduct live readings for viewers in this interactive and collaborative dialogue session.

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Coach Me Q (7/13/2011)

Coaching for your life, business, inner power, money, and creativity. You can have it all. Come learn how to manifest your dreams and transform them into actuality with Coach Q.

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Horse Sense (7/18/2011)

What does your soul have to say to you? Do you know? Are you even listening? Janet Conner shares her powerful message that helps you discover the five things your soul wants.

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How Does Your Soul Express Itself (7/20/2011)

What does your soul have to say to you? Do you know? Are you even listening? Janet Conner shares her powerful message that helps you discover the five things your soul wants.

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Sasquatch Encounters (7/25/2011)

Big Foot is it real or a hoax? Have you ever experienced a strange, unseen phenomenon? Shinshuri and Thomas Hughes openly discuss the truth about life on our planet and how it is manifested at different levels of frequency and higher states of physical reality.

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Living the Cosmic Adventure (8/31/2011)

Have you ever been on a cosmic adventure? The mind has the power to create any experience whatever you desire. What have you created and experienced lately? Join Shinshuri as she interviews Katharina about her new book Galactica, Book 1.

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Healing the Incurable (9/5/2011)

Are you suffering from chronic illness, headaches, pain, or some other personal health or behavioral issue? What will it take for you to get yourself right? Come spend an hour with Shinshuri and Jerome as they discuss actionable and practical steps to self-healing. Get in action about your life. Learn to heal the incurable!

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How to Create Loving Relationships (9/12/2011)

What is a relationship? Do you even know? What does it take to create a loving and long-lasting relationship? Join Shinshuri as she interviews Leah Young founder of the IMASTERY Institute and the IMASTERY Relationship Circle for Women. Learn how to create loving relationships in your life.

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Unleash Your Success (9/28/2011)

You are a shining star! You have everything you need to manifest your greatest potential. There is only one obstacle that can get in your way and that obstacle is you. Do not allow your own doubts, fears, thoughts, and beliefs diminish your radiance and inhibit your success.

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Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (10/10/2011)

Somethings cannot be explained in human language to be understood. Sometimes you have to experience to know. Shinshuri interviewed Nish Gunawardena about his new novel Something Happened on the Way to Heaven. We will be sharing the power of intervention and inspiration as it manifests in your own life.

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Channeling the Voice of an Angel (10/24/2011)

To awaken your greatness requires a sincere, devout, commitment to your personal mastery. The trumpet is sounding. Are you tuned in at higher vibrational frequencies? Join Shinshuri as she and Robbie discuss his new book that was channeled through from Arc Angel Metatron. You can be connected too and channel your higher power and wisdom!