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Original Beings: New Age Hip Hop for the Soul (1/9/2012)

Jam to a new style of hip hop with Shinshuri and Original Beings. A young hip, talented, and compassion crew devoted to philanthropic service while giving and receiving love and empowerment to all.

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Hennessy: Living life Through My Music (4/9/2012)

Life is an endless journey each of us takes to fulfill our purpose, be happy, overcome obstacles, face our fears, grow and develop. Join Shinshuri and Hennessy for an hour of open dialogue as he shares insight into his music, his message, and his mission.

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Draper: The Intellectual Rapper (4/23/2012)

Music is an art that can be expressed in many forms.  Experience a new type of music that flows from within. Learn how this new style of music was created. Join Dr. Shinshuri and Draper, a hip, young rapper, with a charismatic and intellectual style to gain insight into his life’s purpose and calling.

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Living Transformed is Easy (6/4/2012)

Barbara Reynolds showed us how to open our hearts to live from the space of pure unconditional love using our own pure intentions of the heart in Steps to Love Part I.  Now she guides us through phases that help us to live in the moment and direct our emotions without using judgments.  Join us as Host Shinshuri and guest host Barbara Reynolds lead you into intriguing dialogue for personal change.

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Expressions of Unconditional Love (6/25/2012)

The hardest part about making personal change is letting go of old patterns that do not serve us anymore or have limited us in some way; both as an individual and as a collective species. The familiar is more comfortable than the new. In this show, Dr. Shinshuri and Rev. Q. “The Master Oracle” openly discussed her new book Expressions of Unconditional Love. They also discussed how you can use the book to take the necessary steps to move into a space of unconditional love to free yourself from the shackles of the EGO. Dr. Shinshuri and Rev Q did Unconditional Love Readings for the audience.

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Creating Your Own Theology (7/30/2012)

Get out of doctrine and into dominion! The power to put away old tools and beliefs and embrace only the creative power of intention and awareness is within your reach. Simply look within to activate it! Dr. Shinshuri and Rev. Quenton Stroud engaged with you in a lively dialogue to help you open up to create your own theology!

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Keys to Unlocking Your Potential. Purpose, and Power (8/27/2012)

There are hidden spiritual laws of the universe that have not been openly revealed to mankind. These are the universal laws of life. The only way to know and experience these laws in your life is to completely surrender your ego and fully open your heart to free your soul. Join Dr. Shinshuri and Reverend Q! The Master Oracle as they discuss the spiritual secrets to Unlocking Your Potential, Purpose and Power. We will discuss these universal spirtual laws, which are applicable to all people who can go within and pull out the hidden mysteries locked up in their own hearts.

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Magic for Everyone (10/8/2012)

Magic for Everyone is based on a book written by Reverend Quenton Stroud. Dr. Shinshuri and Reverend Q will discuss that regardless of your beliefs and person practices, you live in a magical world. The discussion will teach each listener how to immediately recognize his or her light-body and experience the Universe thru your Divine senses. This will prove that magick is available for everyone, if you know how to access it.

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Awaken to Your Greatest Human Potential (11/10/2012)

There is one infinite consciousness and it is shared equally amongst every human being, life form, and across the infinite universe. Join Dr. Shinshuri and Reverend Q as they unveil the components of the upcoming social event Living an Awakened Life. Be apart of the lively dialogue and prepare to be apart of this powerful learning event. It’s an experience not just a workshop!

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Emergency Formula: Why Yo Need to Live Your Best Life Now (12/3/2012)

The Emergency Formula is an indepth revelation of Spirit on exactly what to do right now to change your life and show us as the highest version of who you really are. This teaching is the secret wisdom to turn any life condition around and head toward spiritual freedom and prosperity. It’s simple. Show up and live the authentic you right now. Dr. Shinshuri and Reverend Q (The Master Oracle) discuss the components of the emergency formula and why you need to live your best life now.