Activate Your Innate Power

Provision Learning Series

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Accessing Your Multiple Intelligences (11/12/2012)

Are you living below your true human potential? Did you know you have multiple intelligences? What are multiple intelligences? How do you accessing each one? If you are not accessing and using your multiple intelligences you are limiting your true human potential. When you learn how to tap into your I AM gift you can unlock and use all your intellectual faculties, abilities, talents, and skills. Dr. Shinshuri hosts a live interactive practice session and chat to connect, share, communicate, learn, and share your viewpoints and perspectives with the Oracle Learning Community!

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Designing Your Own Brand, Part 1 (11/14/2012)

There is more to starting a business than just a good idea. Good ideas can become great ideas when you know how to plan, design, and produce a stellar brand for your business that captures and sales your vision. Need a corporate brand? No problem. Need a spiritual brand? No problem. You have the power with you to design your own brand.