Complete each of the following to prepare for this week’s session.

  • Read through steps 1-3 below
  • Listen to the Remember Who You Are audio clip
  • Access or purchase the learning materials for this session
  • Complete each of the assignments throughout Week 1

What does it mean to recognize your inner essence? Do you know? Think about the word recognize for a moment.


Write down your first thought. Do not do anything else. Do not think about anything else. Simply write down your first thought in your journal.


Now, that you have written down your first response. Say the word out loud to yourself. Pause momentarily after the first two letters before finishing the complete word annunciation.



What does it mean to you now? Do you hear the meaning as you say the word? Can you feel the meaning in your present experience? Say the word again pausing briefly after the first two letters. Write down your first thought. Now, compare your first and second response. Is there a difference? Play and listen to the audio recording below to get a deeper understanding of this word. Listen to the Remember Who You Are audio clip to experience how to identify your inner essence.

Remember Who You Are


Now that you have listened to the audio clip, record how you feel in your journal. Pay attention to what you perceive and how the use of the word makes you feel.

Learning Materials

You will need the following items for this session.

  • Journal
  • Mirror
  • Water
  • Super Conscious Model for Living (book)
  • Expressions of Unconditional Love (book)
  • Recognizing Meditation (music)
  • Music to Awaken Super Consciousness (optional)


Complete the following activities as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your experiences in the community forum.

  • Post your personal response to the following questions in the discussion forum (Who are you? Do you remember who you are? Who were you before you were born? What is the greatest challenge you will ever face?)
  • Respond to other members comments and posts in the discussion forum
  • Complete the Recognize Who You Are Activity each day throughout the week

Discussion Forum: Personal Leadership Forum
Practice: Recognize Who You are Activity