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This show aired on January 12, 2011 on BigFish Radio

Super Conscious Living is easy when you free your mind from the shackles of the ego. To live Super Consciously is a privilege. It is both a talent and an experience.

The noble student on the path of warriorship quickly learns how to connect to his or her Super Conscious mind. Using it requires a sincere and willing heart, demands devotion and commitment, and necessitates personal responsibility.

There are several key steps to your liberation. You can begin the process of Super Conscious living by applying the following six actions regularly each day recognize, surrender, accept, listen, transform, and experience.

Application of these six steps in your daily life will enable you to take deliberate actions toward awakening your inner essence and express your greatest potential.

There are no limitations to what you can do. You have the creative power to manifest everything and nothing. It all begins and ends with you!

A Point of Spiritual Activation

Each person has a point in his or her life path or life cycle where he or she will be spiritually activated. This point is unique to everyone. You will know it when it happens. There is no mistaken it because it is an unprecedented experience that is intended just for you! It is what I call a Reflection Point. A reflection point is a specific memory marker in your consciousness where you remember your life purpose and why you are here.

A reflection point is a mental point in your consciousness where you remember part of the purpose for why you are here. ~Shinshuri

Super Conscious Model for Living

  • Recognize is the mental process of identifying first cause in your life and to understand who you truly are beyond your projected identity.
  • Surrender is the willingness to embrace your unknown but certain future by releasing yourself from self-indulging beliefs about your place in the world.
  • Accept is your conscious acceptance of your true identity by simply accepting the power to know yourself and attain your greatest potential.
  • Listen is your willingness to be in a state of solitude and stillness so you can receive clear messages to help you move forward on your life path.
  • Transform is the renewed state of being that you will experience as you begin to manifest your greatness through your actions and deeds.
  • Experience is the Super Conscious state of awareness you will enjoy through your life experiences as you assume your place as a transformational being standing for your greatness and the greatness of others.

The Way to Your Personal Liberation

Liberation will occur when you are intentionally focused on remembering who you are beyond your human identity. You are not your body. Although many people presume that they are their body or human identity, this belief is a fallacy and requires correction.

The correct path to your freedom is to remember who you are at a Super Conscious level and forgive yourself for all the impressions and ideas in your consciousness that keeps you cutoff from knowing yourself in all of its wonderful and diverse expressions of life.

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