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eCourses LogoAn eCourse is an online unit of instruction or curriculum composed of eLearning and webinars. Oracles of Truth is working with its educational partners to develop the Integrated Personal Transformation Leadership (IPTL) Program, which will include a vocational curricula made up of a series of eCourses.

The IPTL Program is a conscious-based educational program designed to train all students including high-need students to be productive, conscious minded, technical leaders in new media technology. The IPTL Program consists of four learning components: OracleRadio, OracleTV, Personal Transformation Leadership (PTL) curriculum, and New Media Technology (NMT) curricula.

The purpose of the IPTL Program is to produce learning technologists who are capable of: (1) breaking down barriers to their own personal mastery, self-development, and transformation; and (2) acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities through their participation in a selfless service online learning community that will prepare them for college and career specific employment in new media technology.

The program is designed to (1) expose all students including high-need students to online social media curricula that will give them vocational competencies in personal leadership and new media technology and (2) train them to become competent learning technologists with the knowledge and skills to innovate in any new media technology domain, become more productive citizens, and be exemplars of personal mastery for themselves and others.

The IPTL program will be administered through Oracles of Truth eLearning Portal. All courses offered through the eLearning Portal are tuition-free. This means students do not have to pay to take any courses regardless of whether it is for continuing education, high school completion requirements, or academic credit.

To participate in the IPTL program or to take individual courses will require that students have an active membership in the Oracle Learning Community, register, and actively engage in and complete course requirements to ensure an enriching learning experience for themselves and others.
The Personal Transformation Leadership (PTL) curriculum teaches a new model of superconscious living. An action-based model where individuals learn to awaken their inner potential, connect with their higher innate conscious to apply inner wisdom to live a powerful and productive life. This learning program leverages a blended learning model. Students receive individualized instruction through combined interactive eLearning paired with virtual coaching. The eCourse curriculum framework consists of a combined eLearning course and an In Action Practicum Webinar.

Students work on individual projects. Individual projects include creative writing, public speaking, and other opportunities to communicate and give presentations. Students are also required to publish community blogs, book reviews, personal life stories, and other types of literary works to connect, share, contribute, and interact with others in the Oracle Learning Community. Individual and team projects allow students to produce programs for OracleRadio and OracleTV. The PTL Curriculum consists of five eLearning Courses, five In Action Webinars, and one final internship project.
The New Media Technology (NMT) curricula provides students with a set of vocational skills to prepare them for a career in one or more new media technology domains. These domains include: web design, instructional design, and digital media design. This vocational curriculum set leverages a unique educational model that combines social media learning technologies with work-based projects to give students hands-on work experience to accelerate transition from school to work.

The eCourse curriculum framework consists of an eLearning course combined with an end of course project where students work on individual or team-based projects. Project assignments help students attain practical hands-on experience as apart of each curriculum track. Students experience a social media learning platform that encourages them to connect, share, contribute, and interact with others in the Oracle Learning Community while showcasing their student portfolios. Individual and team projects allow students to produce online radio and television shows to be broadcasted via OracleRadio and OracleTV.

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