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Republished: (01/16/2011)

August 04, 2009 at 8:00AM EST | Author: Shinshuri | In Oracle Facts

Sacramento, CA. 08/04/09 – Oracles of Truth has launched a unique social learning community website.

People can connect, share, learn, and contribute in a new social learning community.

Members can access premiere online learning content and educational programs that foster personal leadership development through spiritual healing, learning, sharing, and contributing.

The Oracle Learning Community is an open and public website where interested individuals can be apart of a community of leaders devoted to develop, grow, and awaken their superconscious mind and to foster creative and collaborate learning and sharing through selfless service contributions.

The time is ripe in our world for every person to awaken to his or her greatest potential and collective life purpose. Oracle Learning Community is a place where each person can respond to an internal call to connect, share, learn, and contribute. Each person can awaken to his or her greatness.

As active members in the community, individuals can empower, enable, and support one another, stated Shinshuri founder, CEO, and Personal Life Coach.

Selfless service is the true way to realize global prosperity.

Visit the Oracles of Truth website (http://www.oraclesoftruth.org) to learn more about the company and program offerings. Interested individuals may join the Oracle Learning Community to access free resources, tools, eCourses, webinars, and other multimedia programs and content.

About Oracles of Truth Academy

Oracles of Truth Academy is a virtual learning community charted to realize personal and global transformation. Our mission is to demonstrate through selfless service that every person can awaken to his or her greatest potential and collective life purpose.

Contact Information:
Oracles of Truth Academy
P.O. Box 292721
Sacramento, CA 95829

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